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AOM has a pragmatic approach to art.

Our main services for our clients are:


Time and advice

Quality communication

A unique project for a unique budget

Supporting local processes

To be responsible to the Earth, we actively encourage artists who promote life and well-being.


Who are we ?


Chloé Letiévant founded the AOM gallery in December 2023. At the head of the consulting agency Artcento since 2019, she is used to defending big names of Old and Modern masters within the art market. She now decides to open her gallery, which she sees as a gateway to join contemporary art, thus allowing the expression of new aspirations and ideas.

Adriane, auctioneer and friend, has supported her in this adventure since its creation and Inès, a philosophy student, quickly joined the adventure as a trainee assistant.

Passionate about yoga and the philosophy it conveys, Chloé chose the name AOM for her gallery: by adding an “M” to the first and last letters of Artcento, we obtain a sound similar to “Aum”, the central expression of yoga, representing the original sound from which the Universe would have manifested itself. Chloé hopes that the inauguration of this gallery will be received as a commitment to a calming art form.

AOM aspires to become a meaningful brand, cultivating poetry, joie de vivre and a culture of sharing. The places used for the exhibitions are designed primarily as spaces for meetings and exchanges for everyone, young and old, aiming to create a gateway to the world of the artists represented by the gallery.

The gallery, currently traveling, offers its services and all of its content on its website. AOM produces videos, podcasts and plans to organize conferences in the near future, enriching its offering of unique experiences. Through AOM Kids, it also offers content specially designed by artists for young people.


Tel: +33 (0)6 67 51 10 05

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